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"I recently attended the International Freight Institute and I enjoyed my learning experience there. The cost was affordable and the teachers were the best. It was helpful that it was small classes because it left time for one on one learning. The teachers really walk along side with you to make sure you have a complete understanding. Even better was the actual field training. I am definitely glad I went to IFI."

- Doug H., Ohio

"The teacher is the best part of the deal at INTERNATIONAL FREIGHT INSTITUTE.  She helped walk me through every step I needed after classes ended.  I give this school and the course [Start Your Own Brokerage Company]

5 stars."

- Kiesha T., Fayetteville, NC

"Last February my husband and I signed up for classes withThe International Freight Instituteand what a journey we began!  The classes were fun, very informative and detailed, and presented with lots of personal attention.  We learned So much! Neither of us had a logistics or transportation background, but when we graduated, we were able to start our own business and begin working for ourselves from our own home office.  Our training with the International Freight Institute prepared us to become logistics professionals. We will soon begin our second year working full time in the Transportation Industry.  
      I would highly recommend the International Freight Institute to anyone looking to begin a new career."

​- Mary and Kenny A., Olive Hill, KY