Dispatching for a Brokerage

This course is designed to help an individual who would like to break into the logistics industry as a dispatcher.  This is your chance to learn all the fundamentals of moving freight.  It will start you in your career in a brokerage.

​Freight Agent

This course includes the course Dispatching for a Brokerage  and takes you one step further.  You will learn sales, basic agent etiquette, forms and contracts for agencies, qualifying customers, and how to solidify your book of business.

Start Your Own Dispatch Company

This course will give you everything you need - forms, sales training, contracts, day-to-day operations, recruitting staff - to start your own successful Dispatch Company.  We even start you with your own customers!! Using our methods and training, you have the potential to earn $62,000+ your first year after completing this course. 

Start Your Own Brokerage

This course includes the coursesDispatching for a Brokerage,Freight Agent, and also includes everything you need to start your own Brokerage:

  • Incorporation
  • Brokerage MC #
  • Brokerage DOT #
  • Forms and contracts you will need to start your brokerage.

We also offer funding for your brokerage through our affiliate partner!!  

Courses Offered

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Dispatching for a Brokerage Course

Freight Agent Course

Start Your Own Dispatch Company

​Start Your Own Brokerage

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