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     The Logistics Industry is the most exciting and rewarding career choice you could make. This is an industry open to common people like you and I!  You do not need a lot of inventory, you do not need a lot of expensive training such as an 8 yr degree would cost. You do need training  but it is inexpensive and takes only weeks to complete.
 In 2013 - 1.39 trillion dollars was spent by shippers to have their freight moved. The only other rival industry is the medical field and again, we are talking thousands of dollars in student loans and several years in school to make the same amount of money that is available in this lucrative industry.

     At International Freight Institute, we are committed to providing our students with not only the best online education, but support AFTER you have completed your training!  Our award winning program, coupled with our proven method for learning, you will be on your way to a new career in just over one week. How simple is that? A career with unlimited potential and promise. 

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